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Friday, February 8, 2008

Police officer framed for Kisumu Rambo Killing

The Bandit government has done its good work again. But poorly, we can reveal. After dismissing the televised shooting of two innocent youths in Kisumu as a "Rambo movie style" piece of theatrics, the police have now framed the wrong suspect. Police Constable Edward Kirui, 24, who was reported in yesterday's briefing to be the face behind the murder of Mr George William Onyango and Mr Ishmael Chacha on Jan 16 is not responsible.

In a carefully crafted script, Kirui's framing is designed to achieve two objectives while the real culprit, a Mr Njeru walks scot free having secured a promotion transfer to a safe police unit. The officer seen in the video killing the two unarmed demonstrators and champions of the third liberation, is Police Constable Njeru formerly of Kondele Police Station in Kisumu.

We can now reveal that Kirui was to have been charged for the real crime he committed, that of shooting and critically injuring a rogue police officer who was on a shoot to kill spree in the Kibuye area of Kisumu. The officer that Kirui pursued and fell in rage was earlier reported to have shot and killed a kid who was playing football outside their home. The story was reported in the papers.

It can now be reported that linking Kirui to the death of the youth in the Rambo-like shooting, to borrow the words of police spokesman Mr Eric Denial Kiraithe, is a part of a desperate PNU scheme at divide and defeat and is meant to drive a wage between the Kalenjin and the Luo and Kisii. The two youth were Luo and Kisii, respectively. Raila Odinga got a resounding endorsement from the Kalenjin of William Ruto and anything that can dent this relationship is being worked on by the PNU strategists. This is why Edward Kirui will be charged in an unending court battle that will end with a dismissal. In the long run Njeru will have escaped justice while the PNU strategists will be able to plant a seed of suspicion and bitterness between the Kalenjin and the Luo together with the Kisii. But they won't because they have been discovered dead on their tracks.

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