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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

PNU's (alleged twisted) master plan to legitimize it's bandit leadership

Action Point – Publicly Challenge ODM

Rather than just pay for Adverts seeking the truth and challenging Raila and ODM, these are the very exact questions Kibaki; yes the President himself. And he needs personally ask those questions on national TV and Radio. He needs to keep saying the same things over and over in English (Yes, English, his Kiswahili awful). Arrange for well publicized press conferences with question and answer sessions.
In English. The man is extremely eloquent and needs nobody to write speeches for him, as long as he does them in English. Others around him can do the Kiswahili versions on his behalf. Then let him mention and challenge Raila and Ruto by name. Yes challenge them personally and put them on the defense. Other PNU and PNU friendly officials go after their counterparts in ODM. Kibaki takes the challenging lead role and others follow. Let Kalonzo talk peace and show dictatorial tendencies of the entire ODM leadership and hence his jumping ship with ODM-K. Make public tours and repeat the same challenges over and over.

Action Point - ODM Rigged Big time
Get folks in ALL suspicious ODM areas where the vote was stolen in favor of ODM to file petitions in court. Prevail on the courts to move with speed and urgency to nullify the elections if the voters are indeed dead or could not have voted. This is a public safety issue and public security. Give it top priority. Hire more Judges if necessary to handle other cases while the more respected and experienced judges handle the election petitions. This is part of the negotiation ODM is pretending to ask for - speedy resolution of election cases.

Action Point - Preaching Peace
Get ALL religious leaders and community leaders preach UNITY like NEVER before. For example, get popular pop stars, local and international to participate in peace rallies. So what the government pays for them directly or otherwise. It’s about endearing the masses for the sake of peace. Get the Muslim leaders to condemn violence. Islam is a peaceful and compassionate religion, not the radical fundamentalism painted by the west. The government should embrace and echo that fact over and over. Have interdenominational prayers by all major religions. Condemn ODM style violence and senseless loss of life. Use Burnt Forrest as an example - always.

Action Point - Demonize Majimbo
Make MAJIMBO synonymous with VIOLENCE and discrimination and an excuse for wanton destruction of life and property. Mount similar campaigns like those by ODM and condemn violence and insist on peace and amicable resolution of disputes in courts. Get all the top-guns to go for peace and ONE nation, One Country under the rule of law NOT lawless disputes on the streets as rallying points. Always mention Majimbo on the same sentence with Raila, Ruto and Chaos and loss of life. Show that it is a hate campaign designed to bring chaos. Repeat the church burning and tossing of the 3yr old as what Majimbo means. We are all brothers in one family called Kenya. Show how Kibaki has been all-inclusive president but was railroaded by a disgruntled minority after the referendum to snatch power illegally. Drum it in, over and over.

Action Point- Act on Corruption
Get all those corruption cases on the likes of Ruto, Mudavadi and Murungaru on fast track. Show that ODM is a worthy opponent with good points but those good points are being tarnished by corrupted individuals. Name them by pointing to corruption cases. Make them pay for the corruption. Please the West that cries for corruption cases and jail terms. Kosgey and Ruto should be first closely followed by other dirty individuals even in Kibaki camp. The country is much more important than a few rotten but friendly eggs. The point is to be seen to be taking action on corruption…remember the perception factor?
Action Point - Act on Violence Masterminds
With the Intelligence on hand, prosecute RUTO, Alexanda Sitienei and accomplices on RV clashes. Damage has been done in RV so, no worse could happen with the Kalejin vote. Get others on incitement charges. Make tribal clashes look REALLY BAD AND BARBARIC. Let everyone frown on the primitive nature associated with it in this day and age. Several people must face the law and indeed long jail terms, really long. They should be highly publicized cases.

Action Point - Public Thoroughfare
Make blocking public roads look so bad and make bandits blocking such roads as economic saboteurs and potential murderers and robbers. They are basically criminals up to no good. The motive for such closures is always to cause trouble, rob, maim and even kill in the mayhem. Execute shoot to kill orders for blocking roads. Move with speed. (Try blocking I-95 in the US with barricades and see what will happen, human rights will be forgotten!)

Action Point - Increase the Police Force
It’s a known fact that in Kenya, the police and armed forces in general are seriously outnumbered per capita (to the general public) going by world standards. Hire extensively and fast track police training to maintain peace. Have local policing to maintain peace and above all avoid local thuggery. Borrow a leave from the extremely functional Tanzanian policing system: Security is everyone’s concern; national police is a supplement to help the locals as they maintain and manage peace, not the other way round as it is in Kenya.

Action Point - International Mediation
Invite International mediators and show the facts and especially as they favor the government side. If for instance President John Kafour was railroaded with un-orthodox documents out of character and disingenuous procedures, let the government have President Kafour talk about it to the world media. Let the Kenya public hear it over and over again. Have public debates on it. Always focus and shape the public debate in PNU favor. Never play catch up to the opposition. Senior government officials participating in such talks should give a public report as much and as often as necessary. You know the opposition will rush with biased information, act to beat them in the press game.

Action Point - Look to the future
With VP Kalonzo secure on the government side, let him take the lead in the Peace initiatives with the President taking a commanding role and being publicly visible. Have an internal move to put ODM-Kenya and PNU friendly parties into one. This becomes a HUGE advantage to Kalonzo who should be preparing for the 2012 Presidential elections. Get the Coast and Western Provinces fully behind the new unity party, whatever its name. DO NOT RELENT on the Media and wooing the youth in the new-Kalonzo unity initiative. Always give a forward looking, confident, inspiring and highly optimistic future with the young fully incorporated.

Action Point – Keep Central Out of the limelight
Central and GEMA tribes, the so-called Mount Kenya Mafia are Kenya’s favorite punching bags in the political arena. Keep the GEMA group in crucial supportive roles behind the scenes. Kamba and other non-GEMA tribes to be seen leading the imitative but not prominent in its formation. Have GEMA 100% behind Kalonzo with Western Kenya, Coast, N. Eastern and Rift Valley prominent in the new unity outfit. With such Strong unity and a corruption free progressive government, ODM will be struggling. Kalonzo should take that lead with public blessings of the president. With KANU left as a skeleton, a single strong united party, extremely disciplined should be the force required to confront ODM in the coming and inevitable battles in parliament and public Perception.

Action Point – The Raila Factor
Get the public talking about loss of life in the abortive 1982-coup attempt and the Dec 27, 2007 election aftermath. Connect the dots with public utterances on Raila to mean disgruntled, willing to kill and circumvent the law for leadership sake. The ODM adherents went with the winning propaganda party that looked like it would win with GEMA as the poster boys of ridicule, and it worked. Never relent on the violence and Raila’s desire to be president whatever the cost, including loss of life. Do whatever it takes to turn tables around for all to embrace each and all, irrespective of tribe. It can be done!

Action Point – The Youth Factor
The Youth must be incorporated in this new unity initiative. It needs to be fashioned in such a way to look like it is the Youths initiative, progressive, non-tribal and chic! If a young person has to be progressive and forward looking then one has to be made to be spearheading the new initiative that truly condemns and shuns violence and dismiss it. Strengthen the Women and Youth Development funds. Give credit to the Government.

Action Point – The Western World Motive
Insist on the motive for the Western government to ridicule and point a finger at Kibaki. Show publicly with convincing figures and graphs what the West lost in terms of no-bid government contracts with business moving to China. Show how they refused to support Kibaki after the contracts were cancelled. Show high tax collection and how it has been put to excellent use. Show budget supported by 95% local revenue. Show development was across the land before the violence. Show pictures of before and after. Show the West motive is to subjugate and domineer the poor countries and Kibaki managed to break free. Breaking free meant that the rest of the Poor countries were being shown the way forward by Kenya, and that the West can’t afford that.
Show the WTO policies and how Eastern facing by Kibaki (Read China) is bad for the West and Great for Kenya and poor nations. Bring the contradictions of Raila courting Muslims by day and the West by night. All the actions should be thoughtfully timed with the public debate always insisting on peace and progress. Encourage others to acknowledge the Kibaki splendid record. YOUTH MUST of necessity, be at the core of the all these initiatives. After all, the future of the country (and indeed the kingdom of God) belongs to such as these young… Actually work has been cut for PNU side: just use the now infamous ODM Poll Strategy document only this time for positive outcome. Use similar SWOT analysis and above all, have the outcome ACTED upon.
Swing this thing around using their weapon, clearly thought out action plans with specific goals and objectives with action-oriented operatives. This is serious business to be executed corporate style. No roadside or broadside statement declarations. No statement to be issued unless approved by the core think-tank. It’s a high stakes game by very senior management professionals.