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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Time to overthrow Kibaki by whatever means

The waiting does not help anything any more. PNU went into the Annan-led mediations without any agenda. They had one position, that they were not going to move an inch out of their stolen position. No wonder that little progress has been made on fundamental issues.

Finally the world knows who is building roadblocks on the mediation. PNU is not interested in constitutional review, it is not interested in righting the wrongs it has visited Kenya and the country must brace herself for a long war and hopefully the fall of the bandit president.

There are only two options to this. One is to walk the long and painful road of endless talks, with nothing but half-deals being signed. The other is to say enough is enough and declare independence from Central and let Kenya redefine herself. Let us face it. ODM went into the talks with a mind fixed on diplomacy. That is why they did not bother to rope in lawyers with their usual traps of lengthy, if boring, legal tussles. ODm had several schemes, plan A was to force Kibaki's resignation and a rerun. That was shelved for plan B and finally the arrangement on power-sharing emerged as a viable option.

To share power, ODM needs to ensure that their captain is not answering to Martha Karua, who together with John Michuki are the shadow presidents of Kenya. President Raila has to exercise executive power free from the appendages from the senile bandit at SH.

Even after the US mellowed from their initial dalliance with bandit Kibaki, and accepted that real power must be shared, the thieves are engaged in grand-standing and chest-thumping. It is not going to be allowed. At the moment, the thieves are bent on rounding up opposition supporters under many pretences. This morning, it emerged that police had arrested some 100 opposition supporters "for failure to pay rent" an issue which is obviously outside their call of duty. Why are they becoming tax collectors?

As we write this, it is emerging that Mr Jackson Kibor, a prominet farmer and transporter in Uasin Gishu and the ODM's lead campaigner in Eldoret North was picked by the police. The asthmatic Kibor, 80, was arrested to cow Mr Ruto to soften at the Annan table. This is unacceptable.

Disturbing information indicate that the 2004 Nobel peace prize winner and environmental activist, Wangari Maathai, had her security withdrawn and threats to her life were made. In one of the messages she showed reporters said, "Because of your opposing the government at all times ... we have decided to look for your head very soon,". This comes after a number of independent minded Kikuyus including Maina Kiai and a number of journalists were marked and warned of retributive punishment by mungiki goons. This bandit regime is using militia to terrorise the citizens.

The second option is more dramatic. It is time to secede and partition Kenya into what it should be. Let the bandits kill themselves and steal from themselves. The civilized world must refuse to have any fellowship with the jigger-infested and demented bandits. Time to overthrow Kibaki is now. How to achieve that is not in question, the end justifies the means.