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Thursday, February 7, 2008

ODM MPs assassination linked to nomination slots as Safina court file disappears

It can now be revealed that some PNU operatives are arguing that ODM's six places to nominate MPs be reduced to 5 after a drop in their parliamentary strength by three seats. This blog can now report that pnu is recalculating the seats which gives 5.48 based on the working formula of (seats obtained, 96) multiplied by twelve and divided by 207. Before the assassination of Mugabe Were (Embakasi) and David Too (Ainamoi), and the elevation of Speaker Marende, ODM had a strength of 99 plus another three from Narc. This gave it 5.74 seats estimated to six. Pnu with 43 were to get 2.49 (3) and odm-k with 16 = 0.93 (1) Kanu with 0.81 =1. The fact that Safina's (5 seats) share was less than 0.5 (0.23) meant that one arbitrary slot was allocated to odm-k by kalonzo's Kamba cousin kivuitu.

These figures may change dramatically if the argument by the pnu boys works out. Their problem lies in the arithmetics where although the seats for the party are counted to have dropped, the denominator of 207 seats is cheekily retained. The result is that ODM loses one seat because of the drop (96*12)/207 = 5.48 or estimated as 5! Somebody has thought that the ODm numbers will eventually drop from the house to 106 from the projected 108 seats! It is not clear whos benefits from the stolen slot but the grapevine has it that Safina may be rewarded for Njoki Ndungu's unsolicited support in the damaging Senate hearing in Washington where she has pitched tent to present half-truths on Kenya's post election violence.

To save face, some people are telling the ODM command to ask the speaker not to rush to declare his and the other two seats vacant until the nominated MPs are gazetted.

Meanwhile, Safina's case file has disappeared! The lawyer for Safina Mr Lumumba was told that the case could not proceed because the bandits who stole the presidency had stolen and hidden the file. Kenya's judiciary will never be clean with the iron lady in charge. Safina's chairman Paul Muite is among the party bosses who were trounced at the polls in the last election. He lost to Kanu's