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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mungiki in business suits present a village memo to the UK government

In a village joke of a pro-PNU memorandum presented to a watchman at No. 10 Downing Street (State House of Britain), the Gema in UK who recently declared themselves Mungiki in business suits had some intriguing tips for the Right Hon Gordon Brown. Mr Brown and David Milliband received unsolicited lessons in History 101. The lesson was simple and epitomised the view that is widely held by all the Kikuyu from the mugger on River Road to the Business Executive on Kimathi Street to the bank robber on Kenyatta Avenue. Read what we consider an apt summary of how Lucifer Kibaki and her co-wife Wamboi see Kenya. See how Martha Karua and Mungatana's wife view other Kenyans.


  • Luhya’s occupy Western Province and are mainly farmers and office workers.
  • Kalenjin’s & Maasai’s occupy Rift Valley and are good at keeping cows, goats and sports.
  • Kikuyu’s dominated the business world; commerce/trade and usually work hard and as a team.
  • Luo’s occupy the Lake Region. Their main activities are fishing and office working.

Naturally Kikuyu’s are wealthy by all standards because of working hard. When Kenya got independence from the British, many Kikuyu’s bought land from the British and settled in Rift Valley and elsewhere.

Fellow countrymen, you may read the whole memorandum here and make your own judgements. We are not inciting Kenyans to rise against the jingoistic mungiki funding agents. We are inspiring this great nation to consider that it is now time to arise in one voice and reclaim our rightful place in history. We need to refuse to be branded by people who steal academic certificates, priesthood corronations, land, money and rape their own daughters. We rest our case there to let you reflect on the stereotype and take note that you can take somebody out of the village BUT you may not succeed in taking the village out of somebody. Mungiki in business suits is here now.