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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Kibaki, Uhuru, Karua top US visa ban list

The US and Canada have made good their threat to ban warlords from taking their warmongering to America. Bandit President Kibaki and his family are top on the list. U.S. Embassy spokesman T.J. Dowling said lawmakers from both the president's party and the opposition were advised in letters that they would not be allowed into the U.S. because they had been involved in or incited violence. "We don't give visas to criminals," Dowling told The Associated Press, declining to give names. "Inciting violence is a criminal act."

To complicate matters for the badits at SH, it can now be confirmed that Uhuru Kenyatta, Martha Karua (click picture for a closer look), John Kimendero Michuki and Gerorge Saitoti have been banned from the US owing to their roles in the stolen election and the attendant violence. The ps internal security Mr Gituai and a number of senior business executives including Jimnah Mbaru and the people associated with Kibaki's PNU campaign and who are involved in business are also banned from US soil. Also included in the role of banned people is the police chief Ali and two ODM politicians whose identities we cannot reveal until we confirm. PNU tops the list of diplomatic lepers with eight banned.

Their family members who are already in the US are also affected by the visa quagmire. We have since learnt that Wetangula, who recently stepped on the toes of the UK by summoning the High Commissioner to protest about the former colonial master's reluctance to legalise Kibaki's theft of the Presidency, was spared. Not for long. Kenya recently banned Edward Clay from setting foot in Kenya, an event which is sure to raise temperatures between London and Nairobi at the wrong time.

This is a reversal of the coup that Kibaki had waged in diplomatic circles in Addis. This comes as music to the ears of many reform campaigners. A lose of the diplomatic war means the pnu brigade are suffering a credibility crisis. In the past, UK, has imposed a ban on Biwott, Mwiraria and Murungaru all PNu kingpins.

Kibaki's visa slap is a diplomatic waterloo for Kenya's bandits at SH because it is the ultimate price. Kibaki's camp must be turning green with envy because the fearless human rights campaigner and head of the state funded Kenya National Commission on Human Rights, Maina Kiai is basking in international limelight including being given a slot at a Senate hearing in Washington. At the Senate hearing earlier today, Kiai asked the world to freeze direct aid to Kibaki and instead fund NGOs and to push for the formation of an interim administration to steer the country towards new credible elections.