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Friday, February 29, 2008

Body language: What will Kibaki and PNU be doing?

Two great things happened in Kenya yesterday. Kenyans witnessed what should have been done in 2002. Then they said 'Happy new year' to each other. Kenya ushered in a new chapter, but did she?

Look at this picture on the left. Certainly, Kibaki was not saying happy new year to Prime Minister Raila. PNU has no year to be happy about. At the beginning of the fight for justice in Kenya, PNU under-estimated the well guarded script that ODM held so close and dear.

When the Peoples' Prime Minister called for international mediators, no less than the bandit veep Kalooser Musyoka who must rue his bloated ego said Kenya needed none of that. Conspicuously absent at the historic signing of the truce and power-sharing arrangement, Kalooser has definitely lost his place of privilege in the new power arrangements. As a member of the government, he will be answerable to Peoples' PM Raila. Some of us entertain the thought that he may dive out of government to earn some freedom as a depreciated and crest-fallen leader of a colorless opposition. But who cares, the two pre-eminent bandits lost the election and they were imposing themselves on the people of Kenya. Their time has come to an abrupt end, unceremoniously.

Yet the fight has barely begun. Hold your horses, don't pop the champagne yet. If you critically look at the outcome of this agreement, and the weight of the backers who crafted and countersigned it, you will notice that PNU did not get what they wanted in the deal. They lost government and face. They will attempt to stymie the government by hanging to the state. Watch out.

They began by asking the ODM to go to court. But the Peoples' government would have none of it. The courts are infested with bandit appointees who would do anything to please the paymaster. Marionettes have no life of their own; strings are pulled by the one who desires the type of dance they want. Who would have imagined that PNU and the Kenyan courts would be so discredited as to lack respect? Yet this must be undone and confidence re-imbued on the Kenyan people. The country’s legal credibility must be regained and edged on permanent premises of fairness.

PNU's arguments for the ODM to run to court were basically based on their own poorly scripted riot act, assuming they had any. It was expected by the bandits that after stealing the election, PNU would entertain the ODM in endless court battles lasting for as long as they wanted power. Previous elections petitions in Kenya have yet to be settled well into subsequent terms. The law does not apply in retrospect, so what happens if a petition court finds out that someone served a full five years in parliament, albeit illegally? Nothing. It will be time-barred, and that is it.

The call for international mediation was met with retorts of "We are a sovereign state, we are not at war and this internal matter cannot be mediated by external people". Bandit veep Kalooser is a loser. He even hyped some inexistent magic wand to show that he 'created peace' (sic) for Somali and Sudan. As a celebrated peacemaker (in his delusionary hyper-inflation of a porous ego), he warned that he could bring the warring parties together. Judas Iscariot mediating between the bandits (of whom he is part) and the people of Kenya? Nope. ODM insisted on Kofi Annan after John Kufuor was derided as being too thirsty for Kenyan tea. PNU's disinformation agent Dr Goebbels Njoroge Mutua never spared a moment to deride the ODM in his Thursday briefs and paid up adverts that insult the intellect of Kenyans.

Rattlesnake Me Chuki, not to be left behind in the competition of the absurd, weighed in by saying that the mediators were coming at the instigation and invitation of ODM. Government (sic) was intact and legal. He said other senseless things that he must be busy looking for a capable system to rescind and vaporise from our minds. But he wont, it is embedded in our psyches and those of our toddlers who have watched everything with their teeth.

Nothing is as remarkable as PNU's lack of a framework. ODM went into the mediation talks, which PNU christened 'dialogue', with several case scenarios. PNU went there to lecture us on the sanctity of a constitution that they blatantly raped and defiled. Someone has taught us that if one wanted to benefit from any law, they ought to begin by respecting it. PNU trampled on the constitution of Kenya and then they were least prepared for the eventuality. Things, having fallen apart even after hiring the Kalooser outfit and the brains behind the most monumental of Moi’s scams, Mutula Kilonzo, they still could not hoodwink the international community into buying their jaundiced thinking.

Bandits suffer from some defect of some sort. PNU bandits suffered extreme cases of selective amnesia. On its mediation panel was a rabid and foul-mouthed Karua, whose disdain for men and love for power can be explained by nothing but her intimate knowledge of masked scoundrels called men of the cloth. Having dated a priest, she knows men for who they are. To here they chase skirts and nothing else. She was shocked by the firmness of the international community. They were not going to hear anything like appointing a PM under the current constitution by a man who has no respect for covenants.

First Kofi Annan, to prove his mettle and diplomacy, crafted four main steps towards resolving the problem in Kenya. We salute this son of Africa for showing utmost patience and astute leadership of the process.

But we hasten to warn everybody. It is not yet time to celebrate. Over 1500 souls have perished and yesterday Mr Kibaki made it clear “wale ambao wamepotea, basi wamepotea”. Heartless brute this man. May be we should revisit Lucifer’s slapping sprees and try to understand the genesis. Lucifer must have known that the only language that Baba Jimmy could understand was a slap. Kibaki did not speak as the President of Kenya after the signing ceremony. PM Raila was the inspiring and encouraging pragmatist. Kikwete almost said what Kibaki should have said. But we wonder who the bandit speechwriters are.

We warn Kenyans to not sleep. PNU has lost everything they wanted to steal and keep. And they will not take it lying down. They are sure to stage a fight-back. While they do this, we, the Kenyan bloggers who have kept the country in the international limelight must sustain our vigil for any dishonouring of the agreement. We demand certain visible powers be ceded to PM Raila. He needs to run government and initiate reforms that inspire business and jobs creation. We need parity in wealth distribution and a federal constitution nothing less. We want no games and we have to remain on guard for the Kenyan people.

If you doubt our caution, look again at Bandit Kibaki and decipher the message he is giving to PM Raila. What happens to the stakeholders of the banditry namely Moi, Kalonzo and all the others.

Meanwhile ODM must hand back the Health ministry to mama Rainbow Charity Ngilu ASAP.

On behalf of ourselves and all Kenyans of goodwill, we wish to salute all those relentless bloggers who wrote and stood for justice and human rights even in the face of searing attacks from PNU's cyber-squatters. Thank you all of you at Kumekucha, Jukwaa, and all others whom we cannot enumerate. Let us not close shop, it is never over until it is over.