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Friday, February 8, 2008

Police in two week killing olympics in Kericho

We can now reveal that police in Kericho have been on a Killing Olympics. On diverse dates between 29th Dec 2007 and 12th Jan 2008, a total of 19 youths aged between seven (yes, seven!) years old and 35 years old were mowed down by police competing to justify their 'killing olympics bonus'. The youngest victim, seven year-old Ronald Kipkoech died on new year's day in Kipkelion. He was reported to have died of injuries inflicted by gun wounds. Those who died of gun wounds are energetic youths with promising future but whose lives were cut short by greed for power and a police force taking illegal orders from a cowardly regime of thieves. They carried the hopes of their families for a better life. Their blood is on Mwizi Kibaki and his SH bandits.

Their blood is not in vain. We join their families in denouncing their killing and demand justice. Out of their graves shall emerge energy to keep the liberation struggle alive. One day, the victims of the third and final liberation will be eulogised approprioately. Look at the names of our heroes, killed by the police in their killing olympics. It is reported that some of the uniformed murderers were mungiki taking orders from a police commander in Kericho with deep connections to the ruling elite in the bandit presidency of Mwizi Kibaki.

All these incidences of deaths at the hands of uniformed gangs and police officers happened in the opposition ODM strongholds. Contrast that with what happened in Naivasha where marauding mungiki recruits wre yelling at rival tribes with the police not doing anything (see picture on left).

Naivasha witnessed cases of open police bias with mungiki chasing and burning 19 children in a house. They were captured on camera and reported saying "This is Kikuyu land!" was the cry in Naivasha from one side, which called for revenge against the rival Luo tribe."We want peace, but we (also) want to fight them," said Peter Mwangi, a 20-year-old acrobat. "We don't want Luos here." Yet the police were asking for information leading to their arrest. All the evidence is on video, what else do they need.

Click on the file to see the details of those killed by mungiki and police