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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Vote for the legs of a party on Valentines day

Kenya's politics can be moved a notch higher, at least on Valentine's day. On a light note, let us look at something brighter. We are tired of those faces that carry messages of doom. How about the legs, is there anything we can get out of the beauty of our party stalwart's legs? On the left is one of Kenya's successful investors, Adopt-a-Light's Esther Passaris. She campaigned for the ODM party.

In line with the party's vow to promote women, the Pentagon is rooting for her to be the Mayor of Nairobi, a move that has irked some kanjoras. Ms Passaris would like to manage Nairobi like she successfully managed her business. She has earned respect by putting to use the latent energy of the street families who guard the lighting project she has been running.

On the left is a woman who needs little introduction. Martha Karua is a vociferous even irksome defendant of bandit president Kibaki. It is not for nothing. Outside the bandit SH and safe for the Serial Slapper, Ms Karua is easily Kenya's most powerful woman. She sends PNU men scampering under her panua skirt whenever they run away from the ODM brigade.
Our dear readers, on Valentine's day......which party legs would you vote for? Happy valetine's day.