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Friday, February 8, 2008

Kibaki and Raila to meet Friday evening

Bandit president Mwizi Kibaki and People's president Raila Odinga will meet this evening-Friday at Harambee House to unlock the talks. Reeling from the no-nonsense approach that the US has slapped a travel ban on Kibaki, the PNU thief is ready to cede some substantial ground. This comes after Raila was advised by some diplomatic friends to beat PNU to the tape and show a commitment to melt down from the demands earlier placed at the Annan mediation table. Having gone public on this yesterday, he beat PNU to the cue and left them misjudging his tactical move. It is reported that ODM has a well-scripted riot act and the rules don't change much because the inputs of the security, diplomatic, legal and political brains were put together in a working blue-print complete with step-by-step agreements to be signed before the mediators.

Raila Odinga told a Press Conference Thursday evening that his party was willing "to give as much as it takes in the talks."" We are no longer insisting that President Kibaki steps down we have moved further into looking for common ground," Raila explained. This stance initially sent shivers to his supporters but when word began to filter through of the intricate dealing, all those concerned gave it a thumbs-up. Raila is reputed as an astute mobiliser, brilliant negotiator and network wizard whose friends spread all over the world from Naigeria to the UK and US. It is known that the ODM diplomat-in-chief Dr Sally Kosgei is a former classmate and good friend of both Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice