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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Mungiki killing gang in police garb

The rogue mungiki funding lords in Kabaki's illegal administration have issued police and GSU uniforms to the mungiki goons with the express instruction to not arrest but kill opposition supporters. Since the police are curtailed by the relevant law not to use lethal force except where circumstances permit, peaceful demonstrators did not participate in any activities that necessitated the use of such lethal force. It is mungiki in police uniforms that are torturing and killing innocent civilians in acts of police genocide.

Meanwhile Lucy Kibaki has fatally shot her son Jimmy and daughter Judy after they asked the father to stop destroying their future. The Kibaki family is now reaping from the curses of the stiff bodies that have been burnt alive, hacked to death, beheaded and buried headless and all that blood which has been shed. Incidentally, these things are coming back too soon. At the moment, Lucy is in solitary confinement, which explains why nobody has seen her in public after the rigging. It is usually not possible for Kibaki to travel as he did to Ethiopia without his wife.

This deranged personality has also immobilised Gitobu Imanyara as well as leaving her children in critical conditions. It is not clear whether the juniors will pull through with reports indicating that the are outside the country seeking medical attention. The Imanyara slapping episode has been a poorly kept secret after the security descended on his with a thorough beating. Lucy may soon save Kenya by directing the butt at the right head and not her children. Hold your breath.