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Monday, February 4, 2008

Military take-over fizzles as Kalonzo is warned

After a fortnight of speculation over whether a Kamba-led bloodless coup was possible, it has now emerged that Traitor-in-Chief Kalonzo's chances of a miracle ascendancy to the coveted house on the hill are all but vapor. The grapevine has had it for a while now that the army under the CGS Kianga was to take over briefly and then hand over power to Kalonzo to form an interim government. That Kalonzo has been salivating at this can be captured better by the picture of the naive son of Tseikuru shaking the hand hands of the Thief-in-Chief Kibaki before the latter departed for his disastrous PR mission in Addis Ababa. It can now be reported that word leaked to the wrong ears before the coup was executed. According to the poor script, Kalonzo was to ascend to the illegal presidency by proclaiming Kibaki overthrown but the disciplined General Kianga who has in the past expressed his disquiet with Kibaki's civilian coup was not buying the thinking from the overambitious Kalonzo.

Subsequently, Kalonzo was warned of dire consequences should he ever entertain such treasonous acts again and instructed to express public support for the president. That is why you all heard Kalonzo the other day pronounce without provocation that (Refer to the Standard of 2/3/08.)

Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka has defended ODM-Kenya’s decision to join the Party of National Unity (PNU). "It was a strategic decision in the best interest of the party," said Kalonzo. He said his decision did not mean that the General Election was flawless. "But ODM-Kenya did not rush out screaming. It has filed petitions to contest them in courts. We believe that this is the only lawful venue to challenge the results of the presidential election," said Kalonzo on Saturday. In a statement, the VP wondered why some leaders were afraid to take their concerns to court. Kalonzo said he was opposed to a hate campaign against him and clarified he was a patriot.

Following the leakage, Kalonzo's miracle is has suffered the wiper damage once and for all. He is now on the MKM watch 24/7 and if he does not deliver on his prayer-cum-diplomatic forray to the US and UK where he will be greeted by hostile Kenyans, he will have sunk further in the abyss. The man from Tseikuru is up against many forces and it is not known whether for a man who has never had to fight tough battles he will last the span of time the MKM had assigned him.

This blog was also informed that although the man who has fallen out of favour with Kibaki Mr stanley murage contemplated running into exile, he was also warned of dire consequences after his plans leaked. Murage wanted to run abroad and spill the beans on the events surrounding the rigging at KICC and it is alleged that at least one diplomatic mission had indicated that he could secure safe haven in their borders. However, unlike John Githongo whose family has not been touched, murage's family was threatened with complete extermination. He was cowed out of SH and coerced into a conspiracy of silence. That is the evil of Kibaki's family feuds spilling over into the public domain. With the confirmation of Gitobu Imanyara's humiliating slapping at SH by Lucy and the damaging reports that she shot and critically wounded her two children Jimmy and equally militant daughter Judy. Where will this circus end, nobody knows.