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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Confirmed: Mungiki in police uniforms

A respected South African news outlet has confirmed our fears that the police was made up of shoot-to-kill mungiki goons in uniforms. The mungiki gang is taking orders from a detachment of police under some rogue police bosses. The dreaded gang has not only killed mellitus mugabe were but are also harassing well dressed Kikuyu girls. Police sources confide that up to 50 victims of ethnic violence in Nakuru and Naivasha were headless. This is exactly how mungiki killed some 200 people last year in Nairobi and central province. Human Rights Watch claims that close to 300 of the dead were killed by mungiki in police uniforms. How long this loose army of wealthy businessmen and politicians from Kibaki's tribe will take before they turn on their funders is unknown.