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Friday, February 8, 2008

Interim government in the making as visa ban works

What we broke earlier today has happened. Kofi Annan has just held a press conferrence to announce that there is a breakthrough whose details he could not divulge. The bandit government has ceded ground by agreeing to the formation of a transitional interim government. Although the arrangements of the agreements are not known, there are reports of an election in 2 to 3 years with an interim joint government. Parliament will be reconvened next Tuesday to be briefed and discuss the constitutional and legal aspects of the power arrangement.

Kenya's ruling party and opposition have agreed to form a power-sharing government in an effort to end weeks of bloodshed that have engulfed the country since a deeply flawed election, an opposition lawmaker said Friday. The two sides were still discussing who would lead the government and what roles each party would play, said William Ruto, a lawmaker from the opposition Orange Democractic Movement. "We have finally agreed that there is a problem in the country and neither side can proceed on its own," Ruto said. "We have agreed to form a joint government. Details of that government, its time and how to share it are under discussions."

We are likely to see minimum constitutional reforms package speeded through parliament to provide for some positions like that of a prime minister. Details will be posted as they emerge.

Analysts believe that the PNU strategists at the talks were alarmed at Uncle Sam's move to slap an embarassing ban on the Kibaki bandit presidency and his close allies. Kibaki has all along believed that Raila was unacceptable to the US because of the latter's soft spot for muslims whose extremists have targeted US installations at home and abroad including the 1998 bombing of the US embassies in Nanirobi and Dar.