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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Kalonzo snubbed by Foreign British Minister

In the never ending embarrassments to bedevil Kibaki, Kalonzo Musyoka was snubbed by the foreign affairs minister of GB and could only meet with a junior departmental head with whom they had met in Nairobi a week earlier. Diplomatic protocol is full of symbolism. As Kenya's deputy to the thief-in-chief, Kalonzo should have been received at the airport by the chief of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office Foreign Secretary Hon. David Miliband. To those of us who are not familiar with the ranking, Lord Malloch-Brown is in charge of the Africa desk which is equivalent to a desk in Kenya's foreign affairs ministry. Besides, Malloch-Brown was in Nairobi earlier, during which time he must have had discussions with Kalonzo. Usually a snab by senior diplomatic reps is a stinging indictment on the visitor's reputation. Wetangula was a desk diplomat in charge of Africa while serving under Raphael Tuju.

Meanwhile, it can now be confirmed that Anna's room was indeed bugged but the UN and Nairobi have decided to issue a dunno riposte to save the talks after the pnu hardliners agreed to trade the gaffe for a concession. Details will be availed at close of business today but our readers are advised to note the soft stance adopted by PNU in today's negotiations.

Kenya's reputation has sunk further in the human rights ladder after influential scribe Paul Ilado sought refuge in a foreign country to flee pests who were baying for his blood. Meanwhile senior editors including Nation Media Group managing editor Joseph Odindo, Robert Nagila, Macharia Gaitho and Muchemi Wachira have received threats to their lives and property. Linus Kaikai and Kipkoech Tanui of Standard group have also been targeted in PNUs never-ending war to tame the voices of reason. The agenda is now being pursued to browbeat the journalists to promote the PNU agenda and buy into KBCs discredited journalist slight. One real sponsor of this is the Gema Renaissance, a thinly-veiled public, political and fundraising wing of mungiki.