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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Payback time as Mungiki now begin to hit at the Kibaki heart

Now is payback time as the Kibaki banditry and the conspirators of the electoral heist are targetted by Mungiki. In a hard-hitting expose and letter addressed to members of the recently launched GEMA "Renaissance" Movement, the gang has earmarked virtually all the members of the wealthy backers of Kibaki's banditry. God forbid but soon, we may see souls falling.

Read on.

Mungiki now lambasts TPRM/TPDF - CENTRAL COMMITTEE
You are NOT fooling anyone with your cowardly emails. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM and NOT THE Solution to the Community’s terrible situation or the country’s equally terrible mess.
In the first place, you are Kibaki's sycophants and cheer leaders. You have blindly supported him on his journey to destroy the community and the country with his lack of leadership.
In the 2nd place you continue to divide the Kikuyu community into "haves"and "have not", Ngati na Itungati, Royal Families and Commoners. Your sole mission now is to impose the children of those who have as leaders so that you can continue ruling the community from your graves.
Your children are beneficiaries of the enormous wealth, which you have stolen from 1963 and before ’63, benefits given to you as bribes by the colonialists with whom you were collaborating. All these years, you have sucked our blood. You live on our sweat and you now have the audacity to style yourselves the saviours of our community!
In 1992, you conspired to stop Hon. Kenneth Matiba who cares for the poor and has no time for your class system from taking over as President. You, the “Royal Families” rallied behind Kibaki and formed D.P. at the 11th hour to split the Kikuyu vote. To you Moi was preferable to Matiba and his supporters who were “tumundu tutu” You do not care at all about the thousands displaced from their farms, businesses and properties. If truth be told, you do not care how many more are killed.
All you care about is your hold on power to continue with your obscene accumulation. This is why even now you are leading the country to civil war and disintegration. You have killed thousands of our young men whose only crime is being poor and unemployed on the pretext that you are “crashing”and wiping out “mungiki”. Only recently, you murdered Boniface Maina and his wife Elizabeth Nyambura in cold blood and dumped their bodies at Karura forest.
Their young children are now orphans. And you entrusted the crashing to Kimendero the crusher to continue and finish the job he was doing in the 1950’s! You can rely on the pseudo mungiki youths who in truth are merchants on hire claiming the brand name mungiki.Before on behalf of the Community we confront those in the country who think they can isolate and exterminate the Kikuyu community, we shall sort you out first.
You are the Traitors to the community. Your stomachs is your only concern. When you are issuing your threats; do NOT for one moment think that you have the monopoly of violence. What you have is the wealth stolen from the masses and we shall come for that too.
Do not ostracize one of your own Charles Mugane Njonjo because of his personal differences with Kibaki. He is one of you. The others are Emilio Mwai Kibaki, John Njoroge Michuki, James Njenga Karume, George Kamau Muhoho, Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, constituting the House of Lords and the recently constituted cast of Maina Kamanda, Amos Kimunya, Martha Karua, George Thuo, Dick Wathika, Lee Muchiri, Beth Mugo, na kanda cianyu cia moko, Murathe, Muigai Njoroge and Kamau Ngunjiri. There are others. We know them all.
Inyui Inyuoothe ni-inyui thaata cia Ruriri na cia Bururi.We are ready for you.