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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Kibaki's Top-up election rigging extended to Mitihani House?

Something is not adding up in the Kenya National Examinations Council, 2007 results for the fourth formers. After releasing the results in the thick of the haggling over a stolen election, the suave Prof Sam Ongeri and the discredited Kenya National Examinations Council has gone ahead and recalled some results. We are witnessing institutional collapse in Kenya, whether we like to face the truth or not.

Is KNEC another ECK? Are the institutions curtseying at the stinking feet of power mongers and influence peddlers who went behind our back to tamper with the results while the country was transfixed on a stolen democracy? Was there top-up for some candidates and regions which were PNU-positive? Questions for which we have no answers but which, nonetheless, our countless army of readers are asking for an explanation.

You may view the KCSE results here. Simply unzip the files, open with Ms Word and change the page set-up to landscape.

What shocked people was the slump in the performance of traditional academic powerhouses like Alliance High School, an Alma mater of many leading Kenya leaders in industry and academia. Alliance sank to position eight, barely making it to the top ten in the rankings. The school blamed it on alleged exam leaks. Wait a minute.

The best girl was ranked 17th nationally, Ms Muzna Hanif Abdulrazak of Agha Khan High School Mombasa has made history of some sorts. The top girl wants to study medicine, good news for the girl-child and the Muslim woman. We congratulate her and all the other girls who did it.

The top school, Mangu, had never been anything near to the apex of national glory for a very long time. Remember that the school produced the powerful individuals in the land, including, yeeeees, bandit president Mwai Kibaki. Alliance Boys has alleged that their competitors had unfair advantage. That they had access to the exam in advance. It is not new. In Moi's Kenya, this was done every year for schools in his native Baringo. But that was the dark era. What is now obvious is the fact that 2007 KCSE has been disputed pitying Alliance and KNEC/Ministry of Education.

It has been claimed in different fora that the KCSE leakage was rampant and nearly every school was aware. Some parents and candidates, not to be left behind, even scrambled and obtained the actual exam papers before they were offered to sit it. The examiners, who themselves may have been complicit in the 'rigging of exams' turned a blind eye on the theft and pilferage of exams. But how?

Claims of Top-ups and Top-downs
There have been claims which we could not verify, involving candidates who registered for, but did not take up the exams, receiving an A for a fictitious test. Mr Kibaki had a top-up of one million votes from constituencies like Maragwa where pregnant women and their unborn children voted. How else would you explain a turn-out of 115%? But what is our seeing a connection here?

Those people who stole the presidency for Mr Kibaki were inept, they failed to balance their books. Obviously, somebody borrowed the top-up magic from Kivuitu's cook-book and decided to cook and serve results. The outcome of that manipulation is that the results don't add up. Those who were known to be weak or had dropped out of school ended up surpassing their superior and hard-working students. How else could this happen? T-O-P-U-P. Remember that for every top-up, there was a T-O-P-D-O-W-N. Was Alliance High School a victim of adjusted 'sambaza' of marks?

The case of the student who registered and failed to take the exam but was awarded a beautiful 93% in maths was reported in a school in the Rift Valley. The headteacher was simply dumbstruck. In a dump move by the KNEC, a girl candidate at Kipsigis Girls High school was entered as a male (M) and nobody noticed this for a girls school in an institution like the KNEC where details are handled with a tooth-comb. No, it was not an error for the student (512103-092, Chepkemoi Judith). By entering her as an M, someone is imprisoning her in endless trips to Mitihani House to effect the correction. Were the ODM zones targeted for punishment by PNU-positive officials at KNEC? Are exam irregularities engineered and managed by computer geeks affiliated to PNU inflicting further damage to the ODM zones?

This blog was contacted by a well-wisher who supports a number of school children in Kenya. We all know that once in a while we come across people who can spare a dollar here and a pence there, which translates to a lot of money in Kenya shillings. The distraught benefactor was concerned and we reproduce their email for you to see why this exam fiasco is not a local village matter, the whole world is seeing what we are going through and the credibility of our school leavers will be called to question, believe us.

I'm a XXXXXX married to a Kenyan. I've followed Kenyan politics for quite a while and I congratulate you for the great part you played in restoring some sanity in Kenya. Your blog is absolutely great. However, my wife has relatives in Western Kenya and we are really saddened by the recent revelations of wrong KCSE results. I know for a fact that the lives of thousands of young adults have been messed but this. We have the benefit of paying our relatives an repeat year. But what about those who cannot afford this? They have now failed or gotten worse grades than needed for decent studies.Long story cut short: THIS IS A LEVEL 1 SCANDAL OF THE SAME MAGNITUDE AS THE SHOOT-TO-KILL ORDER.

So I wanted to ask you to post this story and some background on your blog so that the exam body and education ministry cannot cover-up the mess. Thank you very much, Tom.

Fellow Kenyans, you can now see where we are going. Education is a must-have in our current life, its life-changing potential cannot be gainsaid. By tampering with exam results through top-up or top-down, somebody has, with the stroke of a pen promoted an undeserving kid and killed the spirit of a patriotic and hard-working Kenyan.

How shall we stop this menace? One way is to name names and shame them. Just imagine the damage we did to the thieves and bandits that we tagged on the right of this blog (thief-in-chief, warlord-in-chief, traitor-in-chief, etc which we have received countless times in our private emails from people who consider the tagging to be lethal and very effective). This blog is dedicated to do that.

We cannot sit back and watch Kenyan children being graduated into criminal gangs because their progress has simply been reversed. That cannot happen in a Kenya where we want to belong to a country that guards the rights of the weakest while allowing the mighty to rule with responsibility. We are demanding an audit of the KNEC by an independent and credible body of auditors, the results and all the events that took place between the end of marking before Christmas and the release of the results. Were there any faceless criminals who had security passes to restricted areas in Mitihani House? Who are they, and at whose behest were they working? Who knew what, and who was told about it?

We invite anybody with information to share with us in confidence, blog here for Kenya to help right this wrong.

In a face-saving move, the KNEC has recalled some exams results. Read that story in the Standard again and pay attention to little geopolitical details. Now, did you notice where the recalled results are coming from? N-Y-E-R-I. Well, one Mwizi Kibaki comes from Othaya in that same N-Y-E-R-I. How about Njiri's High School, is it in Turkana district? Kenyans, what will they do with them? Readjust the results based on what, or is it going to be like the case for Maragwa where the ECK allowed the returning officer was allowed to alter the figures from the exorbitant 115% turnout to the 'arbitrarily acceptable' 84%? Remember that this was done at the ECK, how that figure was arrived at is not really important, it is the kienyeji nature of running institutions that is worrying us.

What is it about these institutions which are run by the Kamba and scandals? ECK is under Kivuitu, ODM-K is under Maanzo and bandit veep Kalooser while the KNEC is chaired by one Prof. Raphael Munavu. We will not forget, shall we, that the PNU bureau of disinformation is led by the Disinformationsmeister Dr Alfred Goebbels Njoroge Mutua. Is it coincidence?