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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Now Maanzo declares Kalonzo's seat vacant as more intrigue follows the bandit veep

Bandit veep Kalonzo Musyoka's miracles are coming too soon. Look at the picture on the left, he has virtually been displaced to the grass and soil in the street of importance. At the moment, the most outstanding miracle that the peasant boy from Tseikuru can witness is how far he has fallen in the rank of power. He is lucky that on that day, the serial slapper Lucy was not anywhere to be see. Else Kalonzo was to have stepped on the dust proper, where we all are.

And miracles are more overwhelming for the wiper man from Ukambani whose light is dimming so fast that he can't remeber the last time he was loved. As Prime Minister Raila and his entourage of the powerful Pentagon the millions of ODM brigade are climbing, Kalonzo's fortunes are fading.
Soon after deluding himself with ephemeral power of bandit veep, he found himself in an awkward position as the Koffi Anan mediation talks took a roler-coaster towards sustainable peace and long-lasting solution to the problems with Kenya Inc. Kalonzo was breathing hot and cold, rejecting the achievements of power-sharing between peoples' President Raila Odinga and bandit Kibaki. We reported it here and analysed the reasons, and the whole country has seen what we saw as Kalonzo's motives.
Now, the registered chairman of the ODM-K and fellow bandit Dan Maanzo who had been promised that he was the first party MP in the tenth parliament when he rusttled the party from Raila Odinga has written to the speaker to declare the defection to PNU by the ODM-K MPS an illegality in law. If speaker Marende follows the laws, according to relevant sections governing the new political parties act, Kalonzo may well be out of parliament.
It will be considered that PNU is trying to crapple with certain embarrassing realities of the ODM-PNU pact which include sharing out of all cabinet, parastatal, PSs, diplomatic and other portfolios on a 50-50 basis. In order to cling to the Finance portfolio, PNU insiders may be tempted to sacrifice Kalonzo so as to retain the instruments of stealing from state coffers. How will Kalonzo, a man with a bloated ego, react to such an embarrassment? We had reported here that Kalonzo may dive to the depreciated opposition benches. The Law Society of Kenya, no less, has urged him to leave and take up the opposition role, much like we anticipated.
Maanzo and Julia Ojiambo have since gone to court to block the nomination of strangers to ODM-K. They feel that they were cheated of an arrangement by Judas Iscariot. Kalonzo's leadership mettle will be taxed as he is called to quell one rebellion after another in his Ukambani backyard.
Apart from the mounting troups aligned against him, Kalonzo has to contend with his nemesis and experienced reform politician, Mama Rainbow Charity Kaluki Ngilu. Mrs Ngilu together PICK Boss John Harun Mwau have little time for Kalonzo who worked overtime to derail their election to parliament. But Kalonzo's grip on Ukambani was dented with the electorate deciding for complete new comers including CCU's Ms Wavinya Ndeti, whose name (wavinya means energetic in Kikamba) resonates well with Mr Mwau's Osa Vinya Mukamba (Be strong Kambas) clarion call. It is known that leading PNU campaigners and casualties of Kalonzo's wiper excitement namely Kivutha Kibwana, John Munyao, Kalembe Ndile and Nyenze are asking PNU to dump Kalonzo as his retention will be equated to a tacit approval of his damaging their efforts to prop up Mr Kibaki's campaign in Ukambani.

ODM-Kenya MPs from left: Kiema Kilonzo and Charles Kilonzo and CCU’s Wavinya Ndeti at a press conference.

Troubles for Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka seem far from over after his party chairman Daniel Maanzo wrote to the Speaker of the National Assembly to declare the 16 elected seats presently occupied by ODM-K members seats vacant. Maanzo told Speaker Kenneth Marende not to recognize ODM-K MPs who entered into what he termed as “an illegal coalition” with President Mwai Kibaki’s Party of National Unity (PNU) in total breach of Section 40 of the Constitution and Section 17 of the Parliamentary and Presidential Elections Act.

“The law is quite clear that members who have now left ODM-K and joined PNU without the party’s permission have to cease from being MPs Parliament or cannot be acknowledged by the Speaker as ministers of government in the House as such appointments are in breach of the law,” said Maanzo. In a letter dated March 3, 2008 and addressed to Marende, the ODM-K chairman demanded that the 16 MPs, including Kalonzo should vacate their seats forthwith.
Maanzo also wants the Speaker to stop the swearing in ceremony for the two gazetted nominated ODM-K MPs Mohammed Affey and Shakila Abdalla claiming that their appointment were corruptly and fraudulently made. “Mohammed Affey should be degazetted forthwith as his nomination was achieved through corruption and the President should not support appointments reached through such corrupt practices,” said Maanzo.

Maanzo charged that neither the party, nor its duly registered officials approved or was consulted when Kalonzo shepherded his flock to PNU immediately after the General Election and thus the current arrangement where he and Kacheliba MP Samuel Poghisio were sworn in as Cabinet Ministers. “None of our party officials as required under Section 123 of the constitution of Kenya signed any coalition documents between PNU and ODM-K and no such authority was given to any member of ODM-K to defect to PNU.

We will be grateful if you apply the law and stop this serious breach of our law and have it rectified before Parliament resumes its business. He quoted Section 17(6) of the National Assembly and Presidential Elections Act Cap 7 laws of Kenya thus; the concurrence referred to in subsection (5) shall be signified in writing to the President with a copy to the Speaker by the chairman or any other official designated for the purpose by the political party.

Maanzo said the decision by Kalonzo to join PNU and the appointment of the two nominated MPs were executed illegally and without the participation of ODM-K as a political party. He said the law requires the party chairman to signify in writing to the President and the Speaker who is nominated to the Cabinet and to Parliament, a thing the party has not done.

“ODM-K has not designated any of its officials to write to the President or you for the purposes of application of section 17 of the National Assembly and Presidential Elections Act Capt 7 in Parliament nor have I done it in any capacity as the chairman of ODM-K. I learnt from the press that ODM-KJ Members of Parliament had formed a coalition with PNU and subsequently two of our elected MPs were appointed to the Cabinet,” he said.

Noting that he learnt of the appointment of Kalonzo and Information and Communications Minister Samuel Poghisio in the press, Maanzo argued that their appointment was in breach of Section 40 of the Constitution of Kenya and Section 17 of the National Assembly and Presidential Elections Act.

“It is our opinion that unless otherwise proven that the 16 elected MPs under ODM-K ticket have not breached Section 40 of the country’s Constitution and Section 17 of Cap 7 and are likely to continue to breaching the law should “vacate their seats forthwith” he noted.. Subsequently, Maanzo told Marende not to swear in the two nominated MPs into the Tenth Parliament saying that their nomination should be revoked and repeated so that Section 33 of the Constitution of the Republic of Kenya is complied with by involving the party in nominations