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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Brood of vicious vipers: the people Prime Minister Raila must keep at bay

Kibaki's foot soldiers have fought many battles for him. Now is payback time. In life, some things come to haunt you so soon that you wish you had not said or done. At such times, one wishes that he owned a huge eraser and had access to the audience 'hard-disk' to erase the memories and sanitize self. But no!

Kenya has its fair share of loose talkers who have never spared a moment in their moment of glory and drunkenness with illicit power to call the Peoples' Prime Minister Raila Odinga unprintable names. Those vicious vipers never spared a moment to lambast, demonize and condemn the country's foremost reformer and agent of real regime change.

Take one Musikari Nazi Kombo (kombo) for example. At the height of his blindness, he wanted to derail the Luhya from the Orange. So vicious was Kombo that during the launch of the still-born and incorrigibly corrupt and inept Panu aka PNU, he called ODM 'one dangerous man', a phrase he did not originate because it had been used by others to refer to really dangerous men. Political plagiarism was so nasty on that day, that Nyachae, Mwakwere and the coward of crocodiles and alleged croco eater, Danson Mungatana were in an Olympics to demonize the ODM. Get it from the Horse's mouth: Many will recall Musikari Kombo, his eyes almost popping out of his glasses, describing ODM and its presidential candidate as One Dangerous Man during the PNU launch at Nyayo National Stadium.

Drug dealer and PNU foot soldier-cum-toilet digger one Stanley Livondo, a parliamentary loser for the Lang’ata constituency, told Kenyans that voting for Raila is asking for the country to be translated to slums. Stanley Livondo was planted on Lang'ata, voters imported from such constituencies as Starehe and others, but nothing happened. Livondo is facing litigation for conning a pugilist he was promoting after he failed to pay the agreed fees.

Not to be left behind in the besmirching Olympics, Simeon Nyachae aka son of Nyandusi went for the member below the belt. Dismissing Raila as an uncircumcised Luo, Nyachae swore that only a coffin would remove him from parliament. He is alive yet out of parliament for good courtsey of the Kisii people who rejected him for the veterinary doctor and ODM-leaning member of Charity Ngilu's Narc. Dr Robert Onsare Monda ended Nyachae's rein of terror and we are glad that he is about to behold with his own eyes as the Peoples' Prime Minister ascends to the leadership of Kenya. Nyachae has been funding a ragtag millitia called Chinkororo who will certainly get to him for pay and protection when the law catches up with him and them.

Premier Koinange Street twilight client Chirau Ali Mwakwere came up with his 'kamata kamata' as if he was setting dogs loose on Koinange Street to raid and silence his former clients. Kiraitu Murungi served Mr Kibaki as his minister for constitutional affairs and stood in the way of a new constitution. He was behind the dishonoring of the 2002 MOU between NAK and LDP. He represents a reminder of how a good regime founded on trust can be ruined.

Change of fate
Enter Martha Karua and Dr Goebbels Njoroge Mutua, the disinformation chief at the government spokesman's office. Recently, Mutua boisterously bought from Karua's book of vituperative and impunity and said "you cannot share power with losers". As fate would have it, life has gone full cycle and soon he will be speaking for the government of Raila Odinga. We wonder whether he has any moral left to resign and forego his KShs 800,000/= before he is embarassed by being asked to say what he ought to say about the ODM government. But we hold our horses.

Whither Karua goeth thee. Having stone-walled the talks and said some of the most irrational things, Ms Karua finds herself in an unenviable position. Her Office of Constitutional Affairs must be ceded to ODm in order for a new break be made from the corruption and ineptitude that has characterized the banditization of the judiciary.

These turncoats are a vicious brood of venomous vipers. What they said yesterday is so crass that they now wish they didn't open their fangy mouths to utter the stench that still reverberates in our ear-drums.

Listen to Kiraitu Murungi: "I have known Raila for a long time. We share an eventful long history since when we struggled to liberate the country from the dictatorial single party rule in the 1990s. I even represented him in court". Balderdash. Look at those twisted and vile lips. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Kiraitu worked overtime when he was a blue-eyed boy of the system. He ensured Raila was removed from the Chairmanship of the parliamentary select committee on constitutional reforms even though they both served in the cabinet. He sponsored his side-kick Paul Kibugi Muite, who ended up achieving nothing worth talking about becasuse the constitution was never rewritten under him. So, has Kiraitu awoken from his cozy sleep to realize that power has shifted west to Bondo, Vihiga, Mvita, Eldoret, Kitui and down the coast of Mombasa?

We will spare you the verbiage of Kalonzo's excuses about the PNU-ODM-K support for the Raila-Kibaki deal. His own house of ODM-K is on fire and many Ukambani MPs are deserting his bloated ego for the true Akamba leaders, Charity Kaluki Ngilu and John Harun Mwau. Besides, Kalooser has eaten humble pie, because as bandit veep, he is a member of government which the Peoples' PM will supervise. In other words, Kalooser will report to PM Raila in the government business. What is more, having bought some breather for his banditry, Mwai Kibaki does not need Kalooser as badly as he did when the ODM brigade was to be contained.

We would like to ask, how will the cantankerous Mungatana, the twisted lips Kiraitu, the hot-tempered Karua, the sly rattlesnake Me Chuki and the abusive Kombo Kombo work with the peoples' PM? How will the forked-tongue Mutua speak for the people-friendly government. How about Mr 'a stock-exchange-is-not-a-fish-market' aka 'a title-deed is a mere piece of (toilet) paper' Amos Kimunya work with the pragmatic PM?

Whereas we embrace national healing, we have to warn the ODM to beware of the brood of vicious vipers. The mean no good for Kenya. We will be watching how their tones will change as they move to wax lyrical about the wisdom of the Raila-Kibaki deal.

Sooner than we can imagine, we will hear cartoons talking about being the ones who urged Kibaki to sign the deal. Another idiot will even come forward and tell us that they were circumcised with Raila. All these politicians will be up to no good. All they want is to curry favors and the peoples' PM must not inherit Kibaki disdainful baggage of loathed powermen and women. They must be kept at bay, at all costs.