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Thursday, March 27, 2008

As exams and Safaricom scams defraud Kenyans, where is Aaron Ringera?

The bandit government of Kenya is abetting crime and profound theft of public resources as well as destruction of the lives of our future generations. In this regard, the peoples' president and Prime Minister should not be in a hurry to be sworn in because he will be complicit in the illegalities of the state and what is more he will be bogged down by collective irresponsibility.

May be it is time we Kenyans took stock of the actions of some pivotal bandits in PNU, notably George Muthengi Kinuthia ole (sic) Saitoti. The second man we need to train our binoculars on is Amos Kimunya, the youthful and liquid minister for finance. Above all, Kenyans need to ask unassuming questions such as when exam scandals were revealed the other day and while we all know including the illiterate Wanjiku, that the Safaricom IPO is an an overboard deal, one man remains handsomely remunerated in Kenya.

Justice (is he really retired) Aaron Ringera may be remembered by Kenyans for mouthy and pompous vocabulary and his well cut suits than we will ever size him up for the 2.5 million pay check that he draws monthly for nothing more than chasing around small fry and defeated former parliamentarians who inflated their mileage claims. Again, it is not all MPs. He has a knack for cracking the whip on dry economic bones while letting the grand thieves in the grand thieving PNU go scot free. Where is Aaron Ringera, the inept head of the state anti-graft agency?

The Kenya National Examinations Council was caught pants down practising waht coward-in-chief Samuel Kivuitu did to hand over illegal power to bandit president Mwai Kibaki. Kivuitu extended Safaricom's top-up, handing Kibaki manufactured 1m votes to lipfrog the peoples' president Raila Odinga. The KNEC topped-up exam results for some students from PNU-positive zones. What is ridiculous is that as was the case with the Kivuitu top-up, the goons at the center of the KNEC top-up missed the point and even handed ghost candidates impressive exam performances which means they can go ahead and study medicine or law. We complained about it here, now it is a national disgrace. But what has Aaron Ringera done, in spite of his enormous statutory powers? NOTHING, na Kenyans muta do?

The election was stolen. Kenyans turned out in record numbers to bundle out an insensitive regime bent on clinging to illicit power and which was implicated in mega corruption scandals. The goons at the ECK went on an extra-ordinary rigging spree, even handing constituencies like Mathira a voting impossibility with a bloated turn-out of the absurd and ridiculous 115%. Aaron Ringera is yet to ask Kivuitu to record a statement. He won't, because he is PNU-positive and it is only former Kanu operatives who have fallen out of favor with Warlord-in-chief Uhuru Kenyatta that need to be haunted to submission. Aaron Ringera speaks big and farts big, and that is all. He farts with his mouth, empty words but a lot of pungent gasses that look misty with nothing substantive in it. The elction was stolen, na muta do?

Now on to Safaricom, the IPO of a life time. Safaricom is a company that is supposed to be owned by the Kenya government and Vodafone (K) Ltd. The shareholding is 60:40, quite innocuous and innovative. Vodafone is the leading mobile phone service provider in the world. Interestingly, Kenyans did not know something else. By law, Vodafone was only entitled to some 30% shareholding in a Kenyan company. Well it owns exactly that! So what is the noise all about?
Look at the contradiction. Where is Vodafone's other 10%, that makes it own 40% of Safaricom? Now it turns out that Mobitelea Ventures, is an acronym for Moi Biwott Telecoms East Africa. It is registered offshore in circumstances that leave you and I speculating till death. The Guardian newspaper fo UK found out that Mobitelea was registered in Guernsey on June 18, 1999 - several months after Vodafone had struck a preliminary deal with the Kenyan government. Mobitelea's real owners are hidden behind two nominee firms, Guernsey-registered Mercator Nominees Ltd and Mercator Trustees Ltd. The directors are named as Anson Ltd and Cabot Ltd, based in Anguilla and Antigua.
Smart fools. The red flag has always been raised regarding the faceless individuals behind Mobitelea, including an expose by the Mar Group. Nothing has startled Aaron Ringera so far. No, he smells no fishy deal. Talking of fish. Mr Amos Kimunya has presided over the treasury at a time when the economic sector in Kenya was tribalized and trivialized. From irregularly helping mask the faceless goons behind a substantial acquisition of Equity by an alleged Nigerian investor, which boils down to the bandits at SH, to illegally authorizing the sale of the Safaricom shares at the super diluted price of 5 bob/ share at the IPO, it is evident that Kimunya is scandalous. Key analysts of the stock markets are wondering why the artificial undervaluing of the Safaricom issue at 5-bob when recent issues like Mumias were priced at over 10-bob. Is kobole really Safaricom's worth? Some observers opine that the kobole is meant to be the lowest, which will induce weaker investors to offload their shares at the NSE once floated on May 30, 2008 if the demand and prices climb. Ideally, once the prices sky-rocket to say 100-bob, some investors will be keen to offload, meaning the shenanigans are waiting to up the ante and increase their share-holding through the NSE in what is on the surface legit. Kenyans, muta do?
Recently key players at the NSE namely Nyagah and Francis Thuo stock brokers either went under or are under statutory management. Kenyans would like to know how long it took the regulator, Capital Markets Authority (CMA) to see it coming and why the NSE was reported to have loaned out a cool 100million shillings to a sinking venture. Well, you need to see the surnames of the principals in the two rogue NSE dealers to understand why Kimunya is culpable. Aaron Ringera has not moved on the illegal activities. Kenyans, muta do? There are more reasons than one why the IPO should not be allowed to go on. The privatization of state corporations needs to be carried out by a commission which was established under a relevant Privatization Act. Mr Kimunya, in his Jua Kali way of fiscal management, is yet to operationalize the Act which denies Kenyans the transparency that such a massive investment requires. Furthermore, the collapsed rogue brokers sunk with millions of shillings belonging to prospective investors who will be disenfranchized. It is immoral to proceed with the IPO without Kenyans, any sector of Kenyans. Where is Ringera, na Kenyans muta do?
Looking at the exam scandals and the economic rape that Kenyans are paying for, one name keeps popping up like a cancerous tumor. Professor George Saitoti, the crane-necked minister in charge of police genocide and brutality is synonymous with the Goldenberg scandals, exam cheating and police scams. Why has Aaron Ringera not moved on him? With all these reports of scam after scam, what does Ringera's radar await, surely? Does he need to be visited in the dead of the night by a night runner and informed that Mr Wasanga of KNEC should have recorded a statement with his office the moment there was any hint of impropriety? Should he be taught what earning 100-fold the salary of a high school teacher who breaks his back in 40 lessons a week means? He has a job description, but annual reviews tell us that his performance is not commensurate with the perks. He is abdicating his responsibilities. He should have no job now and not in the future either.
But one question remains unanswered. While Kenyans grope in the darkness for answers to a number of questions and more remarkably the exam scandals and the Safaricom IPO where are the state graft agencies? Where is the one man who will likely be remembered for farting loud and doing nothing about corruption. Where is the Right Hon Justice Aaron Ringera? And why do we still need to pay him to fart on his cozzy swing chairs while the corruption lords run away with our little cake? Why?