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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Our sample of hate mail: have your say

Dear readers,

We have found it important to expose some of the mail that we continue to receive from the cybersquatters. Sample these:
From Peter bingi (Go hang yourself)
Dear Whoever,

This is a very stupid, bogus webiste thats shows how thick people behind it are. What are you telling us we dont know??

Its time for preaching peace and reconcilliation, how can you put that picture of Esther Passaris in the webiste?? What do you think her children are feeling??? You are a supid Idiot and shame on you.

Its seems you wanna take the role of the media and start reporting to the Kenyan people this kind of shit??? Think again before the law catches you, don forget even the big politicians are being looked for, so watch your ass.
Here is yet another.

From Peter bingi

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I have been through your website and its preaching alot of hatred, nonsense & stupidity.

The stuff your putting there is being read by alot of people all over the world, why are you exposing our "inner wares". Even in Britain, the US & oter countries in the World have alot of inside things that they cannot expose.

So why are you embarrasing Kenya???, Why dont you preach peace and reconciliation instead of spreading Vernom.

Shame on you stupid people there, by the way are you taking the role of the Media????

If you have nothing to do dont do it here in Kenya.

So who is Peter Bingi? Wait a minute, look at this:

Note to Peter, you are the one to watch your damn ass. Why, because we can pinpoint your ass right here:
Peter wrote us earlier masquerading as George Njogu (or maybe they live together) from the exact point that we located Peter to be working from. Here is George's earlier email.
Do you call yourself a kenyan.You are full of kikuyuphobia and you should.Bring kenyans together and toscatter them when those pple you are calling kikuyuand just pointing the kids roasted in Naivasha andforgetting Kiambaa.If your cousin was in naivaishabeing roasted like they are on the grill you wouldpreach peace my brother.Kibaki does not put food onthe table of pple burned in Kiambaa neither raila tothose killed and burned in Naivaisha.Kibaki and Railaare smiling together will you and poor kikuyu can notsmile together just because of pple like you.
Where are Peter and George? Wait a minute, habra cadabra and bingo we have their tails where we know they are. Sample them, they are your neighbours.

Country: United States, State/Region: CA, City: Sunnyvale (not far from Mountain View, Santa Clara, San Jose and Fremont), Postal Code: 94089, Latitude: 37.4249, Longitude: -122.0074. Area code: 408.
Do we need to post your location on the map? Do we? Good morning Peter/George, did you have a nice sleep?
Earlier one from Taiwan.
On February 17 2008, we received a rather hillarious poem from a someone calling himself James Otieno who is based in Taiwan, who is also naked in our radar at this geolocation:

Latitude: 23.5, Longitude: 121

This blog will not be intimidated by you. We are here to await more of those products of your empty heads, go on. Meanwhile our radar is zeroing in on the squatters and wow, we are loving it.