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Monday, January 28, 2008

Mungiki Naivasha Massacre in pictures

Why did the police not shoot-to-kill the Mungiki in Naivasha? Because the men in charge of the security agents are funding the goons to sustain the illegal regime of Mwizi Kibaki.

There have been further ethnic clashes in the town of Naivasha in western Kenya - a popular tourist venue, famous for its spectacular lake.

Mobs of Kikuyu men squared up against residents from the rival Luo ethnic group.

Mob pushing woman around 28/1/08

Whenever they spotted a Luo person, like this woman trying to flee with her meagre possessions, they intervened.

Kikuyu men grab at Luo woman

Women were jostled and jeered by the mob, some of whom were armed with machetes. The crowd only moved back when police fired warning shots.

Policeman giving women directions

Frightened Luo residents took refuge at the local police station, seeking protection and news of loved ones not accounted for.

Man walking with child, escorted by police

Just a handful of police were on hand to escort those trying to leave.

Luo man climbing onto bus watched by mob 28/1/08

The Luos clambered onto a bus under the gaze of the Kikuyus further down the street.

Luo people sitting in bus 28/1/08

The bus carrying the frightened Luo residents to safety was supplied by the prisons department.

Man looking through barred bus window 28/1/08

A man takes a last look at his home through the barred window of the prison bus.